Demonstrate the Concept of Float and Sink

The Pre-primary section of AIS conducted paper boat activity on 5th July 2019. Children participated in this creative venture with great zeal and high spirits. The tiny tots were amazed to see the transformation of a flat sheet square of paper into a finished boat through folding. Teachers taught them how to make the simple boats as well as some different boats. After this teachers took float and sink activity to enhance their knowledge. Increase interest in this concept by helping the children to observe in this preschool science sink or float experiment to see which way each object goes. In this activity, we made a small group of children so everyone gets a turn to tests the objects that it will sink or floats. Kids were waiting for their turn and they are so curious to see if the object float or sink. Kids tested different objects like cotton, boat, pebbles, wooden card, balloons, marbles, pencil, thermocol etc.