Annual Sports Day

School Trips

Students from all the classes have the opportunity to undertake educational excursions within the city and outside the city. The places visited are such that the learning from there dovetails with classroom learning. Besides the huge learning that students carry back from the outdoor trips, they also bond closely with teachers and friends and the spirit of independence in each one of them receives a big shot in the arm.

Extra-curricular/Personality Development Activities

A whole gamut of extra-curricular and personality development activities at AIS Jaipur provide every child with a ‘stage’ where they can gain the ‘confidence to outshine’. Our aim is to provide a proper environment for the all-round development of the child. There is an interesting range of activities outside lessons which help develop the overall personality of the children. All children are Actively encouraged to participate in these extracurricular activities organized for them and as a result have outshone many others, in external competitions.

Annual Day & Carnivals

Cultural Programmes, Science Fairs, Exhibition and Fun-filled Games are organized regularly. They are creatively designed, encouraging 100% participation of children and parents. These events aren’t just a celebration, but also develop planning, organization and team effort abilities in the students. The gracious presence of distinguished personalities always inspires our students to even greater heights of achievement.